Thinstuff XP/VS

Remote Desktop Services RDS / Terminal Services

Execute multiple connections to your Windows server through remote desktops fast, easy and at a low cost.

Thinstuff XP/VS terminal server turns your server from any Windows Operative System allowing multiple conections at the same time.

Start now and turn your Windows unit in a terminal Server.

Perfect for work stations and business networks

What is Thinstuff terminal server?

Multiple connections to your server through Windows virtual desktops; easy, fast and very cheap.

Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal server is a flexible, fast and stable software solution that allows a ilimited number of simultaneous sesions in the central server from your remote desktop by using the RDP protocol.


Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal server Works in any Windows Operative System: XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10

As well as: Essential, fundamental, 2003/2008/ 2008 R2/ 2016 and 2019 (all versions) in x86 (32bits) and x64 (64 bits)

Terminal Server

Works in any Windows Server virtual or phisical, From your own or in the cloud.

How does THINSTUFF XP/VS SERVER operates?

It is a cost-effective software solution that can be installed in any Windows operative system, from Pc´s up to servers, allowing the Access to multiple users simultaneously through remote desktops that use RDP PROTOCOL.


Como opera Thinstuff


Como Opera Thinstuff

The Windows Client computer accesses applications and Remote Desktops via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) very simply and quickly.

What our customers think?

Suitable for public or private organizations.
From small to large business

Thinstuff XP/VS is a better option compared to Server Based Computing (SBC) and client server based installations, it can be used in Thin clients instead of Windows PC’s Requiring minimum technical support

CWith Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal reduce costs in licensing, hardware, service and technical support.

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