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Established in Mexico City since 2000, we represent Thinstuff in Latin America, distributing and integrating server-based computing (SBC) software solutions to all types of public or private organizations, for small or large companies, often supported by Information Technology distributors and integrators.

We distribute and commercialize world-class software solutions to provide access to servers through windows desktop (VDI), multimedia (multimedia acceleration), USB (redirection to https and usb ports), GDP to remote applications), web access (web portal for the access of remote applications), by using the remote desktop standard fact protocol (RDP) that allows access to modern sbc (server based computing) and VDI backends through any existing RDP client.

Our current range of solutions is focused on Terminal Services software solutions based on Windows for small and large organizations.

Our team is supported by more than 18 years of experience in service delivery and integration of world-class technologies.

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