Thinstuff Terminal Server XP/VS Lite Version

The most suitable version for small companies

ONLY Works in the following operative systems

Supported Server Operating Systems x86 (32-Bit) and x64 (64-Bit)
Windows XP
All versions including XP Home
Windows Vista
All versions including Vista Home Basic and Home Premium
Windows 7, 8,8.1,10
All versions including Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium / Windows 8/8.1/10 Home (Standard), Professional and Enterprise
** Can not be used if the server computer is joined to a Windows Server domain.

How does it work

Thinstuff Lite Version, was created for small companies that start and want to use the advantages of Remote Desktop connections, but without incurring the high costs that this type of solution entails.

With Thinstuff Lite Version, companies have the possibility of acquiring a very economical solution that allows them to provide multi-user access, without having to buy a server, since this licensing works on basic PCs with the following operating systems: Windows 7 , 8.10 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium, Professional and Enterprise versions.


ERP system integrators use Thinstuff lite for their clients who do not have Windows Server Systems, but want to take advantage of the connections to Remote Desktops.


By installing the Thinstuff Lite system, users can connect to the Server and work on their applications comfortably and easily.

Beneficios Thinstuff

Ideal for SMEs

Thinstuff Lite adapts to companies that sometimes do not have a person in charge of managing the systems, which makes our program the best cost-benefit ratio.

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