For evaluation of the Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal Server system

Download here Thinstuff XP/Server for Evaluation

The demo license for 10 connections for a period of 14 days of evaluation.

NOTE: If you require a demo license for more than 10 connections, contact us for support.

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Important note about how Thinstuff works.

  • Thinstuff will not work if you have installed or tried to install the RDWrapper Hack before installing our solution.
  • The RDWrapper program alters important libraries that cause the system to malfunction, so Thinstuff will not be able to work on the server.
  • If you installed or have tried to install the RDWrapper hack on your computer, you will need to completely remove it and restore the RDWrapper libraries for the Thinstuff program to work properly.
  • If you want specialized personnel from Thinstuff Mexico and Latin America to support you to remove the hack and its libraries from the system, contact us and with an economic charge of US$ 95.00 (Price plus VAT for Mexico) you will be supported in this process.
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