Privacy policies


Privacy policies

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What information does Thinstuff collect?

Thinstuff collects personal data (for example, names, addresses,...) during the registration and exit processes within the web store. Thinstuff does not collect any payment data through this website. All payment details entered on the payment partner website during the checkout process will not be accessible to Thinstuff.


In addition to your personal data, all orders, invoices, payment status and licenses are stored. Since this data is necessary for accounting purposes, this data cannot be requested to be deleted.


removal request

Any login to the license system, support system, online store or any other service, personal data and addresses not relevant for accounting may be requested to be deleted in accordance with Community law.


Passage of data to third parties

Thinstuff does not sell any of the collected user data (whether names or email addresses or any other information to third parties, however, they may share the data with their registered distribution and business partners (for example, to conduct marketing campaigns, to pass support services to partners,...) In any case, only the minimum amount of data necessary will be passed to partners and all partners are strictly prohibited from passing the information to any other person or company.


Services and features provided with purchased software


Thinstuff Support

All Thinstuff products (except where explicitly noted) include 1-year basic support. This basic support includes email support with no guaranteed response time and no guaranteed fixes for a particular problem. For advanced support contact Thinstuff directly.


Software updates

Purchased software can be upgraded (eg additional features, bug fixes,...) for one year within the same major version (only minor version changes) for free. Upgrades to other major versions or editions may be purchased according to the currently valid and published price list.


Only features and bug fixes officially released by Thinstuff can be used to upgrade to a specific version.


License Limitations

Different editions of RDP Server provide license limitations as described in the currently valid feature and pricing document as described in the Thinstuff online store.


evaluation version

The evaluation version is for evaluation purposes only and should not be used in production environments (neither in a company nor privately). It has some function limitation as described in the manual and product description.


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